Reputable online casinos – questions and answers

Still have questions? Then we can hopefully provide the last missing information with the following
Desirable features
Seals and certificates from recognized institutions: There are a number of recognized institutions
that test casinos and award a seal or certificate if they have received a positive rating. Important
seals and certificates are, for example, eCogra, Gamcare and GLI.
Good selection of payment methods: A modern online casino should include credit cards (e.g. Visa
and MasterCard), e-wallets (e.g. Paypal, Skrill, Neteller), transfer methods (e.g. bank transfer, instant
transfer, Giropay) and prepaid deposit methods (e.g. Paysafecard).
Fair minimum amounts for deposits and withdrawals: The minimum amounts for deposits and
withdrawals in a casino should be between 10 and 20 euros. A slightly higher amount can be quite
acceptable. But fundamentally, it should not be the case that payments are linked to outrageously
high minimum amounts.
Fast and convenient payouts: It is now common for reputable online casinos that payouts are
processed within 48 hours. Some providers are even significantly faster. A casino that takes more
time to withdraw can still be reputable. But no doubt it is a clear plus for a player if winnings are
paid out quickly.
How do I recognize fraudsters?
The average scammer in the casino area is easy to unmask. If no license or fantasy license is
specified on a website, the diagnosis is obvious: it is not a reputable online casino. However, the
somewhat skilled scammers are more subtle. There are often fake licenses and fake certificates.
However, in recent years, such scammers have been quickly exposed and withdrawn from the
market. Basically, caution is always required when you discover a casino whose name doesn’t tell
you anything. If a casino is brand new on the market, you should always wait for the reviews of the
major rating portals before opening an account and depositing money. This is sometimes not easy
because the fraudulent providers often advertise fabulous bonus offers. You shouldn’t fall for this
trick. If a bonus offer is much more attractive than anything you’ve learned so far, there’s probably a
fundamental catch. There are many established casinos that are serious and customer friendly, so
you don’t have to rely on the fraudulent providers.
Can I book a deposit back at the online casino?
Under certain circumstances, it is possible to subsequently book a deposit back in a casino. However,
this does not work with all payment methods. We have an extensive article on this topic.
Who can I contact if I have a dispute?
All reputable regulators offer casino customers the opportunity to file complaints. In the past,
however, it has often been shown that this route does not work effectively for all licensing
authorities. It is noteworthy that exactly this point will play an important role in the Maltese casino
license, which is currently being redesigned. It should be even easier for casino users to find a
contact person for difficulties and problems. This is particularly important when withdrawals are
refused. In general, you should sensibly control your risk so that, if possible, it does not come into
the situation of having to clarify a dispute. One possibility could be to keep the deposit amount low
in an online casino.
Can I take legal action against a dubious casino?
In theory, it is always possible to take action against dubious casinos. However, this often fails due to
practical problems. For example, if you want to sue a casino with a registered office and license on
Curaçao, you shouldn’t have too much hope of success. The outlook is undoubtedly better for
casinos that are licensed in the EU. But in any case, a legal dispute with a dubious online casino
would be expensive and time-consuming. It is difficult, if not impossible, for a private individual to
achieve substantial success against a casino operator by legal means. For this reason, it is better and
more sensible to invest a little time in the selection of the online casino used, in order to rely
exclusively on reputable online casinos from the start.
Is gambling in land based casinos the better alternative?
Land-based casinos and game stores are generally much better regulated than online casinos in
Germany and other countries. The imbalance between online and offline is not quite as great as it
was a few years ago. But there is no doubt that regulators have an easier time controlling land-based
casinos. Taking Germany as an example, it is easy to show that land-based casinos work absolutely
reliably and are therefore highly recommended. But there are many good arguments against the
classic land-based casinos. For example, slot machine games in Germany have a significantly lower
payout rate offline than online. The game selection in an offline casino is also much smaller than in
an online casino. For a real gambling fan, voluntarily foregoing online casinos is not a sensible
alternative these days, especially since there are numerous reputable providers on the Internet. You
can find out more about the difference between online casinos and land-based arcades in our blog
postOnline casino or arcade .

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